Have you ever been to a place that makes you feel like being home? Where you are pleasantly smitten from the hospitality and positivity around you? A destination, where you feel like you know the people around you and they know you too? – Well, my friend – that is Macedonia! Being in the heart of the Balkans, decorated with mountains, lakes and rivers, inhabited with millennial cities raised by world’s largest civilizations, Macedonia is a destination where you will cherish unique moments, different than all you have ever experienced and more beautiful than all you have ever seen.

Modern culture of our country is netted thru many centuries. Its traditions were crafted during civilizations flourish as well as thru challenging periods. It is a lexicon and perfect mixture of art, architecture, theatre, literature, music, gastronomy and exquisite mason’s achievements like Heraclea Lyncestis, Monastery St. Naum, St. George in Kurbinovo or the Old Bazaar in Skopje.

Travelling thru Macedonia, you will get familiar with Macedonians, people full of beauty and warm hospitality. Being in their company, you will feel comfortable, relaxed and pleasant, just as being friends your entire life.

Macedonia’s climate indulges its guests thought all seasons. Winters are fairy-like and poetic with lots of snow, while summers have cool nights, perfect for refreshing good night sleep.

Macedonian land plots variety of tasty vegetables, herbs and fruits. Many say that Macedonian cuisine is the sweetest proof of different civilizations presence on these territories. Macedonian gastronomy has its roots back in ancient times, and since than it has been spiced up with diverse influences such as Mediterranean tastes or Middle East secrets. Add on top of that lots of love, and you have ingredients for Macedonia’s most popular dishes: gravce tavce, turli tava, shirden, ajvar, stuffed peppers, kebapi, musaka, lokum…

Come, visit and experience Macedonia!

We promise memories for a lifetime!