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The perfect mixture of clean mountain air, delicious food and fun, delivers an expected result- perfect health!

Two days in Vila Dihovo for you, your family and friends, with healthy food rich with garlic, homemade antiseptic beverages, professional massage, easy hiking in the natural beauty of Pelister guided by a professional mountain leader, educational experience with a local honey producer and entertainment on Bitola’s most famous – Shirok Sokak. Exactly what you need for a warm winter retreat  🙂

The promo tour Vaccinate yourself includes (per person):

  • One overnight in double, triple or quad room
  • 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 1 dinner (local homemade specialties with natural ingredients)
  • Homemade unique wine, brandy and natural juices (in doses recommended by medical professionals)
  • Professional mountain guide
  • Professional massage in duration of 1 hour
  • One hour educational visit to the local honey producer (beekeeper)


  • Accommodation in Pelister’s most famous village Dihovo and its world famous touristic pearl – Vila Dihovo;
  • Hike on the slopes of the oldest National Park in Macedonia – Pelister;
  • Degustation of traditional Macedonian specialties prepared according traditional recipes;
  • Relaxation on the renowned Macedonian street– Bitola’s Shirok Sokak.


  • Easy hiking in National Park Pelister;
  • Visit of a local honey producer (beekeeper), education on honey production, degustation of traditional natural honey and honey products;
  • Essential oils massage

The Ministry of partying of Republic of Dihovo invites you to a MANDATORY WINTER FLU VACCINATION!

We assure you a good time and a good health with every breath and bite of our little winter treat for you. The vaccine we offer is hexavalent and is composed out of: brandy, garlic, ethno massage, easy hiking on Pelister, natural mountain honey and 100% clean air inhalation!

Day 1

A warm welcome in the cozy Vila Dihovo for you and your entourage with sour creamed milk and homemade specialty – traditional pancakes with garlic.

After you are accommodated in Vila Dihovo, our professional mountain leader will take you to an easy adventurous hiking thru the picturesque part of Dihovo and Pelister. This easy two-hour hiking will awaken your appetite and fill you with energy. The lunch will be prepared of natural ingredients locally produced in the area of the Pelister villages.

As an essential part of the experience, we offer you the famous Vila Dihovo’s homemade brandies: ‘Lovemaker” and “Chatty”, homemade boiled wine, and other traditional specialties with the centuries known natural antibiotic – his highness the garlic.

We will leave the afternoon free for you to rest in the wonderful atmosphere of Vila Dihovo surrounded by relaxing nature and breathing 100% clean air.

Dinner will be served in a cozy atmosphere alongside open fireplace accompanied with warm mountain herbs tea harvested from Pelister’s slopes.

Those with higher ambitions and party drive can continue the party on Shirok Sokak – Bitola’s most popular and never-sleeping street. Chewing gums are on the house 🙂

Day 2

After the beautiful mountain sunrise, breakfast will provide you the energy supplies for the rest of the day. Prepared on a traditional manner with local fresh ingredients, the walnut pie will be balm for your soul!

Desert is totally unique and you will enjoy it! Our mountain leader will prepare a marvelous experience for you which will “charge your batteries”. The walk along river Sapundjica ends with a visit of a local honey producer (beekeeper) where after you learn what it is like to be a beekeeper, and how traditional honey is produced, you will enjoy in the degustation of 100% natural honey. This visit includes 1 work with the bee house baskets, direct encounter with the bees (of course in protective equipment), honey extraction from the honeycomb…and of course – its tasting!

As all beautiful scripts, this tour offers something for your relaxation as well! Ethno massage with natural aromatized essential oils produced from Pelister’s wild herbs, just to prepare and feed your skin with natural vitamin E for the winter temperatures.

According to Macedonia’s tradition, guests must not leave hungry. So, here follows another delicious lunch from the traditional Pelister villages menu.

*The second day depending of the season and weather conditions you can experience as well: off road SUV excursion to Pelister’s Eyes (glacial lakes on a height of 2.218m²  height above sea level); ski touring on the Pelister’s slopes or hiking along the challenging Pelister trails with a licensed mountain leader)

**If weather conditions do not allow us to realize the visit to Pelisterski oci, we offer you an alternative SUV tour thru Mariovo region. The extraordinary tour thru the ecologically cleanest parts of the Balkans includes visit of the famous film village Zovikj, a ride thru the largest canyon in Macedonia – the canyon of the Crna river, the historic Point 1050 and the bunkers from the World War I.

The activities which are additional choice such as: off road SUV excursion to Pelisterski Oci, ski touring on the Pelister’s slopes or hiking thru the Pelister trails with a licensed mountain guide, are additionally charged. The same should be previously booked and organized in dependence of the weather conditions on Baba Mountain.