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Krusevo, Prespa

A blue adventure – the two colors of the Prespa Lake and the sky above Pelagonija create perfect atmosphere for this two day adventure.

Kayaking with a professional instructor from Stenje village to Konjsko, with a short visit to the picturesque monastery St. Ilija and familiarization with the orthodox monastic life traditions. Degustation of some of the most exquisite Macedonian traditional meals – Gjomleze and Prespa Carp. The second day is reserved for tandem paragliding flight and gorgeous Pelagonija seen from bird’s perspective – colors, aromas and silence converted into excitement and adrenalin, spiced up with traditional Krshevo cuisine…. Check out why Krushevo is on the top of the world’s map for a paragliding flights and why each season thousands of tourists and professional sportsmen right under the slopes of this historic mountainous city fuel their batteries for the rest of the year…

You will enjoy local traditional specialties in an authentic Krushevo atmosphere – a restaurant in the city center or a mountain lodge in Krushevo forests located  on a  height of 1.300 meters above sea level.


The tour includes per person (offer for a minimum group of 4):

Day one

  • Kayaking with instructor on Prespa lake (1 hour per direction)
  • Visit of the monastery St. Ilija
  • Prespa’s traditional meal – Gjomleze
  • Lunch in Stenje – Prespa Carp

Day two

  • Professional tandem paragliding flight
  • Lunch – local traditional specialties made out of organic ingredients served in original atmosphere – traditional Krusevo restaurant or mountain lodge in Krusevo forest on 1.300 meters above sea level
  • A promenade thru Krusevo with a professional tour guide

This adventure begins at village Stenje, just below the slopes of the National park Galicica. Professional instructors will teach you a short lesson on the basics of recreational kayaking and will give you brief technical information on the routes you will be kayaking. The tour starts from a modern beach in Stenje and thru the sky-blue waters of Prespa Lake leads to Lisa Bay. Here, in the dense woods, the monastery St. Ilija is raised. A steep rocky trail leads to the yard of the monastery, a place where at least for a moment you will experience peace, tranquility and beauty – a habitual environment in which the hard working monks practice the Christian tradition.

After the spiritual “feast”, kayaking continues to the last village on Macedonian territory, Konjsko, where a traditional Prespa meal – Gjomleze and short break follows. The village Konjsko is an authentic settlement which complements its beauty with its modesty and hospitality.

The return to Stenje is once again by kayaking, this time accompanied by Prespa cormorants and pelicans. Your day ends with a true gourmet treat, in a lakeside restaurant, where you will enjoy freshly caught Prespa Carp and delicious season salads made of organic vegetables.

This adventure is a two day tour with one overnight in Villa Dihovo. There, you will be served rich dinner prepared out of fresh local ingredients by the skillful hands of your hosts.

The second day is reserved for the highest city on the Balkans, Krusevo – authentic historic and cultural location, fully protected by the national monument legislation, an unseen attraction. Krusevo architecture is a unique expression made of several civilizations once existed on these territories, while the millennium old Krusevo forests are a living proof that nature is the best artist ever.

Your experience in Krushevo begins from and aerial perspective sightseeing of its beautiful surroundings and the picturesque Pelagonija valley thru a tandem paragliding. For your safety and enjoyment during the flight, licensed flying instructor with vast experience will be engaged. The takeoff starts from a specially marked location near the Monument Mechkin Kamen and the landing is at the suburbs of Bushova Mountain.

Day’s walks, flying adrenalin and the excitement will arouse your appetite for a gourmet delight and traditional tasty food. Depending of the weather conditions and your preferences, you will taste local traditional recipes in authentic Krusevo atmosphere – traditional restaurant in the heart of the city or in a mountain lodge in the famous Krusevo forests on a height of 1.300 meters above sea level.  In both cases the pleasure is guaranteed….

This beautiful day continues with sightseeing of the city and its cultural and historical heritage and tradition of the Vlach people who carefully and proudly preserve them even today.

The Memorial Monument Ilinden, winner of many world recognitions and architecture accomplishments, Museum of the Macedonian liberating fight, Toshe Proeski Memorial House and the most important location in Macedonian history – Mechkin Kamen, where the last battle for defending the Krushevo Republic in 1903 took place,  will all be a part of your city familiarization tour.

Our proposal is to wrap up the day on the city square with a delicious coffee delight and sugar foam candies prepared according to old Krusevo traditional recipes. Enjoy the last sunbeams of the day like many royalties did centuries ago…